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Mass affluent clients with the bulk of their financial wealth in tax-deferred accounts will have to take substantial RMDs. Some may dread the prospect of having to expose this wealth to taxation. This webinar will show advisors that there is little to fear from RMDs, hence no need for panicky Roth conversions to avoid them.

You will learn:

1. How the RMD schedule was derived by the IRS and its relation to mortality and life expectancy

2. The expected relationship between RMD income and portfolio return as clients age through their 70s, 80s, and 90s

3. How RMD income compares to estimates of the sustainable withdrawal rate (e.g., 4%)

4. How long a balanced portfolio of stocks and bonds can endure under RMDs. This portion of the webinar will look at worst cases historically and internationally. It will reassure those nervous that RMDs might prematurely exhaust their portfolio.

5. Why Roth conversions typically cannot materially reduce RMDs for the mass affluent.

All examples will use the Uniform Life Table. No expertise in tax or actuarial knowledge is required and no rare, unusual or special cases will be considered. The focus is on RMDs and portfolio income for a mainstream mass affluent couple with expected tax-deferred assets of $1 - 4 million.

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