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Continuing Education Credits

Are your webinars eligible for Continuing Education Credits?

Yes. Nearly all of our live webinars provide subscribers continuing education (a.k.a. "CE") credits. Financial Experts Network is an approved CE provider with the CFP Board. Advisors with CLU, ChFC, RICP and CDFA designations may satisfy their CE requirements by submitting Financial Experts certificates of attendance.    

Do you submit my CE credits for me?

Yes and no. We do submit CE credits for all with the CFP designation. This includes credits for both live and self-study programs. 

For all other designations, we provide a certificate of attendance that you use to self report your credits. 

Do you provide CPE credits to CPAs?

Yes, we are approved CPE provider registered with NASBA. We provide certificates of attendance that you use to self-report your CPE credits. 

How do I know how many CE or CPE credits I have earned?

You can check on how many credits you've earned by logging into your Financial Experts account. Once you are logged in, simply click on the "Continuing Education credits" field on your dashboard. 

How much do you charge for CE or CPE credits?

We have two subscription plans. One is a monthly subscription plan that reflects our focus on building a community of lifelong learners. This plan gives you access to ALL CE/CPE eligible programs monthly but, most importantly, features true subject matter experts who deliver insights that will help you better serve your clients. There is also a 1-time plan available. You can check out all of your options here.   

In addition to membership fees, Financial Experts Network does pass-through charges imposed by third-parties like the CFP Board and Finra for processing CE credits. For Live webinars, the current charge is $2 per credit for CFP submission and $5 per credit for Finra submission. For Self Study sessions, the current charge is $5 per credit for CFP submission and $5 per credit for Finra submission.

General Questions

What does Financial Experts do?

The Financial Experts Network utilizes a "network" of subject matter experts to educate financial professionals so they can better serve their clients. Since its launch in 2008, Financial Experts' live webinars have drawn over 80,000 financial professionals to over 500 educational webinars.

Who founded Financial Experts Network?

Tom Dickson founded the Financial Experts webinar series in 2008. He has had the good fortune of working in many aspects of the financial services industry during his 40-year career. Over half that career has been spent educating financial advisors.  

What makes Financial Experts Unique?

There are at least 3 things that make Financial Experts unique. One is its use of true subject matter experts to educate our professional listeners. A second unique aspect is our emphasis on live webinars, not replays. This allows for meaningful interaction that allows listeners to get their question answered by the expert. The third would be the quality of the strategies and insights delivered by the experts, as evidenced by the fact that 90% of our listeners, when surveyed, say they've learned something from a Financial Experts webinar that helps them better serve their clients.