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How Qualified Opportunity Zone Investments Work

Presented by Jimmy Atkinson and Chris Loeffler
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Big Changes to FICO Scores and Credit Reports

Presented by Tiffany Cross, Dedicated Credit Repair
Yes Register
International Equity: The Forgotten Market

Presented by Bill Greiner, CFA, Mariner Wealth Advisors
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Stocks for the Long Run? Sometimes Yes. Sometimes No.

Presented by Edward F. McQuarrie, Leavey School of Business at Santa Clara University
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PR and Media Tips for Financial Planners

Presented by Jody Lowe, Lowe Communications
No Register
Defined Outcome ETFs

Presented by Graham Day, CFA, Innovator Capital ETFs
Yes Register
Larry Pon
Refresher on Current & Proposed Rules for Inherited IRAS

Presented by Larry Pon, CPA,
Yes Register
The financial advisors role in the administration of long-term trusts

Presented by Josh Yager, Esq., CFP®, ChFC®, CLU®, Anodos Advisors
Yes Register
The Future of Financial Aid

Presented by Joe Messinger, CFP®, College Aid Pro
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Ric Edelman
Digital Assets: How to Use This New Asset Class to Gain More Clients and AUM – Even if You Hate Bitcoin

Presented by Ric Edelman,
Yes Register
Tom Duffy
CFP Approved Ethics CE Program

Presented by Thomas J. Duffy, CFP®, MBA, CRPC, Jersey Shore Advisors, LLC
Yes Register
Utilizing Financial Therapy Techniques to Help Navigate Conflict in Financial Planning Sessions

Presented by Megan McCoy, Ph.D., LMFT, AFC®, CFT-I™, Kansas State University
Yes Register
Modeling Strategies to Mitigate IRMAA and SS Tax Torpedo Challenges

Presented by Griffin Kale, Holistiplan
No Register
Marc Kiner
Situational Social Security

Presented by Marc Kiner, CPA,
Yes Register
Wealth & Wellness

Presented by Jean Fidone-Schroer, CIMA®, Edwards Wealth Managment
Yes Register
Dodging the Tax Torpedo and Capturing Retirement Income Opportunities with Tech

Presented by Joe Elsasser, CFP,
No Register
Mark Kantrowitz
How to Graduate with Little or No Debt

Presented by Mark Kantrowitz,
Yes Register
The Last Things We Talk About: End of Life Estate Planning Map

Presented by Libby Boatwright, CFP,
Yes Register
Achieving Balance: The Make Time Method to Help Advisors Reach Business AND Personal Goals in an Overworked World

Presented by Dr. Travis Parry, Make Time Institute
No Register
Olivia Summerhill
Divorce Planning for Ultra NW Clients is Different

Presented by Olivia Summerhill,
Yes Register