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Webinar title Date & Time
How SECURE 2.0 can Change Retirement Planning
Presented by: Larry Pon, CPA,
Steve Mancini
Trustee Training: Rights and Responsibilities
Presented by: Steve Mancini and Kate Langmore
Chris Abbott
Beyond Cryptocurrencies: Blockchain Technology that can Drive the Next Wave of Innovation
Presented by: Chris Abbott, CFA®, CIO, 1035 Capital Management
Laurie Steiner
The Pros and Cons of Revocable Trusts
Presented by: Laurie Steiner,
Edward McQuarrie
When and for Whom Are Roth Conversions Most Beneficial: A New Set of Guidelines, Cautions and Caveats
Presented by: Edward F. McQuarrie, Leavey School of Business at Santa Clara University
Derek Horstmeyer
Portfolio Allocation in an Inflationary Environment
Presented by: Derek Horstmeyer, George Mason University
Larry Ponn
Tax Planning for an Early Retirement
Presented by: Larry Pon, CPA,
Melinda Caughill
Medicare Optimization
Presented by: Melinda Caughill,
Andrea Feirstein
State Run Retirement Plans and Small Business Owners
Presented by: Andrea Feirstein and Ellen Breslow
Diane Pearson
Key Factors to Consider with any Divorce
Presented by: Diane Pearson, CDFA and Carla Donnelly, Esq.
Wade Pfau
Wade Pfau’s Latest Research on Reverse Mortgages
Presented by: Wade Pfau, PhD, CFA, RICP®, The American College of Financial Services
Scott Stolz
How Living Benefits with Annuities Work
Presented by: Scott Stolz, CFP, RICP, Simon Markets
Steve Loeb
Tax Planning for Uncertain Lifetime Gift and Estate Tax Exemptions
Presented by: Steven Loeb,
Ed Mercier
A New Kind of Retirement Income Insurance: Contingent Deferred Annuity
Presented by: Ed Mercier, RetireOne
Dale Krause
Encore Session with Medicaid Planning Expert
Presented by: Dale Krause, J.D., LL.M., Krause Financial
Larry Pon
Early Distribution Exceptions
Presented by: Larry Pon, CPA,
Roy Ramthun
The Power of Health Savings Accounts
Presented by: Roy Ramthun,
Saki Kurose
Student Loan Repayment Strategies for Student and Parent Borrowers
Presented by: Saki Kurose, CSLP, Insight Financial Strategists
Frank Piscitelli
1031 Real Estate Exchange into Institutional-Grade R.E. Work + Flat-Fee DIY Service for Selling your Home
Presented by: Frank Piscitelli and Chris Carr
Joe Messinger
How to Analyze and Appeal College Financial Aid
Presented by: Joe Messinger, CFP®, College Aid Pro
Tiffany Cross
The Latest Ideas on FICO Credit Scores from Expert Tiffany Cross
Presented by: Tiffany Cross,
Brad Gornot
IMMEDIATE Tax Savings from Future Annual Charitable Gifts – NOW is the Time to Take a Closer Look at the “iCLAT”
Presented by: Brad Gornto, Esq., LL.M and Sam Landman, Esq.
Jim Dilellio
Seeking Tax Alpha in Retirement Income
Presented by: Jim DiLellio, PhD, Pepperdine|Graziadio Business School
Member Update: New website features--Self-study + Client Invite
Presented by: Tom Dickson, Financial Experts Network
Larry Pon
How To Plan With the New 1040
Presented by: Larry Pon, CPA,
Chris Hastings
Fee and Billing Strategies of Financial Planners
Presented by: Chris Hastings,
Jed Collins
Financial Literacy for 15-24 Year-Olds
Presented by: Jedidiah Collins, CFP, Your Money Vehicle
Dale Krause
Using Annuities to Accelerate Medicaid Eligibility
Presented by: Dale Krause, J.D. LL.M.,
Larry Pon
Taxes for Those Who’ve Lost a Spouse
Presented by: Larry Pon, CPA,
Laurien Steiner
Essential Estate Planning Documents & Probable Avoidance
Presented by: Laurie Steiner, Esq.,
Larry Kotlikoff
Does a Split Strategy make sense with Social Security
Presented by: Larry Kotlikoff,
Dave Goldman
Solution for Managing A Client's Held-Away 401(k) Assets
Presented by: David Goldman, Feex
Scott Stolz
Understanding How and When Variable Annuities can Help
Presented by: Scott Stolz, Simon Markets
Quantifying The True "Net" Cost Of College
Presented by: Joe Messenger, CFP
Financial Experts Subscribers: 2021 Review and 2022 Plans
Presented by: Tom Dickson, Financial Experts Network
Last Minute College Financial Aid Tips + Student Loan Comparisons
Presented by: Mark Kantrowitz,
Heather Jarvis
The New Rules On Public Service Loan Forgiveness
Presented by: Heather Jarvis, Esq.,
The Impact of Healthcare Costs and Longevity have on a Client's Retirement Income
Presented by: Ron Mastrogiovanni and Phil Lubinski, CFP®
Pioneer ETF Founder on Inflation and Deflation Strategies
Presented by: Nancy Davis, Quadratic Capital
Demystifying how ETFs Work
Presented by: Ryan Szakacs, J.P. Morgan
Employer Retirement Plans and Net Unrealized Appreciation
Presented by: Larry Pon,
Specialty Insurances for your 65+ Clients
Presented by: Harry Rittner, Ritter Insurance Marketing
Understanding Medicaid Planning
Presented by: Laurie Steiner, Esq., Solomon, Steiner & Peck, Ltd.
Possible Changes in Tax Legislation: What You Need to Know and How to Demonstrate the Impact of Changes
Presented by: Celeste Revelli, CFP® and Michelle Riiska, ChFC®
Dynamic Retirement Income Planning
Presented by: Derek Tharp, Ph.D., CFP®, CLU® and Justin Fitzpatrick
Financial Literacy: The Challenge and What You Can Do About It!
Presented by: Mac Gardner, CFP®, FinLit Tech
Bob Vandy
A Refresher on Today's Long-Term Care Insurance Options
Presented by: Bob Vandy, Advisors Insurance Brokers (AIB)
Financial Self-Efficacy: What it Is and Why You Need To know About It
Presented by: Sarah D. Asebedo, Ph.D., CFP®, Texas Tech University School of Financial Planning
Presented by: Stevyn Guinnip, MSEd, CWC, Grow Wellthy
Tiffany Cross
Optimize Your FICO Score & Prepare for Possible Changes to FICO
Presented by: Tiffany Cross, Dedicated Credit Repair
Mark Wilson
Mutual Fund Capital Gains Distributions: Tax Savings Strategies by Mark Wilson, CFP®
Presented by: Mark Wilson, APA, CFP®,
Navigating the New Era of Low Interest Rates
Presented by: Wade Pfau, PhD, CFA, RICP and David Lau
Melinda Caughill
Medicare Open Enrollment Options and Tips for Evaluating Medicare Plans
Presented by: Melinda Caughill, i65
Successful Marketing For Financial Advisors + Member Updates
Presented by: Jill Addison, FA Client Machine
Steve Mancini
A Case Study in Advanced Estate Planning
Presented by: Steve Mancini,
Elizabeth Rose
Quantifying Mortgage Choices
Presented by: Elizabeth Rose, AMCAP Mortgage
FAFSA and College Financial Aid Advice from America's Expert
Presented by: Mark Kantrowitz,
Cutting through the Complexity of Structured Annuities
Presented by: Scott Stolz, Simon Markets
Life Insurance is more important than ever.
Presented by: Bob Vandy, Advisors Insurance Brokers (AIB)
Ideas to Pay it Forward
Presented by: Steve Greene and Rick Swartz
Insight on Solvency of Social Security from Former Social Security Director
Presented by: Kurt Czarnowski,
A Deep Dive Into the Nuts & Bolts of Cryptocurrency Taxation
Presented by: Shehan Chandrasekera, CoinTracker
The Power of Coupling of iCLATs & DAFs – Immediate Tax Savings Without “Bunching” Your Clients’ Annual Charitable Gifts
Presented by: Brad B. Gornto, Esq., LL.M and Sam Landman
Quantifying the Financial Benefits of Roth Conversions
Presented by: Joe Elsasser, CFP®,
Helping Clients Navigate through Gray Divorce
Presented by: Carla Donnelly, Esq. and Diane Pearson, CFP®, CDFA®, PPC™
Student Loan Payment Options during the Pandemic Pause AND Beyond
Presented by: Heather Jarvis, Esq.,
Understanding Employee Stock Plans (RSU, ESOPs, ESPP) & Tax Implications
Presented by: Larry Pon, CPA/PFS, CFP, EA, USTCP, AEP,
Got Questions About Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency and Block Chain?
Presented by: Adam Blumberg,
What to consider before changing firms
Presented by: Leila Shaver, Esq., MyRIALawyer
Understand the True Cost Of College and How To Pay For It
Presented by: Mark Salisbury and Joe Messinger, CFP
Tales from the Trenches: Marketing That Works for Advisors Today
Presented by: Marie Swift,
A CFP® educates you on Bitcoin, Crypto, Blockchain & More
Presented by: Adam Blumberg, CFP®, Interaxis
Melinda Caughill
Special Medicare Q&A Session with TRUE Expert
Presented by: Melinda Caughill, i65
Rescue My 401(k)
Presented by: Pamela Donin, J.D. and Charles Scott, AIF®
Help Clients Generate IMMEDIATE Tax Savings this Year from Their Future Gifts to Charity – Meet the iCLAT
Presented by: Brad B. Gornto, Esq., LL.M and Sam Landman
Leading Economists debate Inflation Risk
Presented by: Larry Kotlikoff and Ed Leamer
Annuity Expert: The 411 on Fixed and Indexed Annuities
Presented by: Scott Stolz, CFP®, RICP®, Simon Markets
How Financial Planner Clients Use Reverse Mortgages
Presented by: Terry Hancock and Tom Dickson
Joe Elsasser
Social Security Strategies for Possible Changes Ahead
Presented by: Joe Elsasser, CFP®, Covisum
How Annuities are Built + Use Cases
Presented by: David Lau, DPL Financial Partners
Ray Giese
Career Development Planning to GROW a Client's Earnings Potential
Presented by: Ray Giese,
Jody Bruns
Divorce Mortgage Planning and More Successful Divorces
Presented by: Jody Bruns, Certified Divorce Lending Professionals
Innovative Gifting Opportunities with New Technologies
Presented by: Emily Rasmussen, Grapevine
The Art & Science of Settlement Planning
Presented by: Joseph Di Gangi, CFP,
Steve Mancini
Estate/Tax Planning with the Proposed Biden Plan
Presented by: Steve Mancini, Strazzeri Mancini, LLP
Roth IRA Conversions: Pay Taxes Once and Never Again
Presented by: Jim Lange, Lange Financial Group, LLC
Retirement Lessons from a Retiree!
Presented by: Fritz Gilbert, The Retirement Manifesto
A 1031 Exchange Case Study + NEW Website Features
Presented by: Tom Dickson and Frank Piscitelli
Leveraging a Virtual Paraplanner Within Your Firm
Presented by: Alex Hopkin and Jen Pritchard
The Ultimate Buy and Hold Strategy with Paul Merriman
Presented by: Paul Merriman,
Beyond Cash: Planning Strategies for Complex Charitable Contributions
Presented by: Arthur Maginas and Jim Carpenter
Media Points for Financial Advisors
Presented by: Jody Lowe, The Lowe Group
How Credit Scores Impact Your Mortgage Interest Rate... and other Factors
Presented by: Tiffany Cross and Terry Hancock
Tax-Efficient Special Needs Planning
Presented by: Steve Dale, Esq., LL.M, The Dale Law Firm, PC
Planning for Special Needs Clients with ABLE Accounts
Presented by: Mary Morris, Rachel Ramos, and Jeff Brooks
Melinda Caughill
What Clients Should Consider when Buying OR Renewing a Medicare Plan
Presented by: Melinda Caughill,
Understanding Medical Bills: Protect Assets & Manage Medical Bill Claims
Presented by: Adria Gross, MedWise Insurance Advocacy
Ways to Make the Most of Business Valuations
Presented by: Melisa Silverman, JD, CEPA, CVA, SBA, CMEA, The Founders Group
Sequel: Quantifying the Use of Reverse Mortgages
Presented by: Tom Dickson and Larry Kotlikoff
Minimize Taxes with Asset Location
Presented by: Andy Panko, CFP®, RICP®, Enrolled Agent, Tenon Financial