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Users Comments:

A few comments from listeners:
I learned that Medicare Advantage should not be a default choice for advisors and clients.
- Rich A.

The best part was Melinda showing the i65 program.
- Ethan G.

Interesting idea about using the consulting and i65 as part of an add on service
- James M.

Medicare Advantage is NOT recommended. The ways to qualify the agents we are referring clients to. We get mixed reviews after the client contacts the agent. Not sure we want to be involved in the actual meeting with insurance agent- need to figure how to include in pricing.
- Gail B.

Need to watch who you refer clients to for obtaining Medicare coverage. Did not realize that Medicare Advantage plans paid more the medigap. Great information.
- Dayne W.

"Various considerations to take into consideration for the Medicare decision process and the outlook for IRMAA, as well as software opportunities.

- John V.