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During a personal caregiving experience, family caregivers struggle to manage their stress, to find help and to manage the uncertainty of how long their experience will last. As a financial planner, you have a unique opportunity to offer solutions for these three challenges. You can help family caregivers bring back what they miss, hire from within the family and effectively budget for the certainty of caregiving situations. During this webinar, Denise M. Brown, the founder of The Caregiving Years Training Academy, will map out how you can deliver these three solutions to your caregiving clients.

Learning Objectives

• Attendees will be empowered to help family caregivers manage their stress by budgeting for breaks and time away in the financial plan.

• Attendees will learn how they can create a financial plan to hire a family member to provide care.

• Attendees will gain insights into budgeting for daily care, crisis care and end-of-life care.

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