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10 Ways Out of Highly Appreciated Property and Getting Off the 1031 Exchange Train Without Having to Die
Presented by Joe Strazzeri, Esq., Strazzeri, Mancini, LLP

The sale of real estate is often a very personal decision for families when balancing tax, cash-flow, asset protection, estate, and family concerns/opportunities. Likewise, real estate investors typically understand the rules and concerns surrounding: Swap till you drop 1031’s; Capital Gains and re-captured depreciation avoidance; Assets in ‘B’ and other irrevocable trusts; Assets in entities such as LLC’s and Corporations; and Assets in Family Limited Partnerships. However, these same investors may not be completely aware of the Ten Exit Strategies that may be more appropriate than traditional methods. Join Joe Strazzeri, Esq. for a dynamic discussion about how these strategies can help your real estate investor clients.

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