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No Portfolio is an Island
Presented by David Blanchett, Morningstar Investment Management

When building portfolios advisors commonly focus on the risk and return attributes of the investible asset opportunity set, primarily stocks and bonds.

David Blanchett's presentation centered on why no portfolio is an “island” and how it is important to take a more holistic approach and consider a variety of unique factors in order to build more efficient portfolios. In particular, the presentation explored how an individual’s other assets should impact the construct of their investment portfolio. The other assets being: earnings potential (human capital), real estate and pensions (to include Social Security). Other factors David reviewed include: the risk of the liability, investor preferences (such as an income focus), taxes, and investment duration all affect the optimal portfolio allocation decision.

Excellent Rating*: 92.6% 

*Attendees were asked to rate the webinar on a scale of average, below average and excellent. 


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