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Preview Of Medicare Masterclass Series (May) And More 04-10-2024

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Preview of Medicare Masterclass Series (May) and More
Presented by Melinda Caughill, Medicare Expert,
Melinda Caughill

Join Melinda Caughill, one of two Medicare experts who will lead the Masterclass, for an overview of the Medicare Masterclass Program we are hosting in May. Dates below. 

Melinda will review learning objectives and the major topics for each of the four sessions of the Medicare Masterclass program. 

Why Medicare? Healthcare costs have become retirees' number-one financial worry. Clients are desperately seeking advisors who do not sell Medicare insurance to provide them with meaningful guidance about Medicare and healthcare in retirement. Proof of this can be found in a 2023 Nationwide study in which 72% of respondents who have a financial advisor said they would consider changing advisors if their advisor cannot help them navigate Medicare choices.

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