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02.03.2022 - Annuities

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Using Annuities to Accelerate Medicaid Eligibility
Presented by Dale Krause, J.D. LL.M.,
Dale Krause

Here are ideas that the attendees learned from Dale:

I took my CLTC class with Dale Krause about 10 years ago in Dallas and I was already pretty familiar with his strategies.  But today was a great review and it helped me recall a lot!  I did learn broadly that existing LTCi policies can be combined with this strategy and partnership LTCi policies will protect even more assets.
A great reason to review some existing retirement plan clients.
Food for thought on how to "reposition" assets to better meet funding requirements for long-term care.
Great to hear an expert, this topic is complex.
Very knowledgeable speaker.  The topic is a complicated issue for most people and Mr. Krause did a great job explaining it.  It was a lot to take in, and I could use more time to understand it all.  
The gift/MCA strategy was very interesting - I was not aware of that.
The Medicare Compliant Annuity was a new concept for me.
The process of determining how to spend down an estate to qualify for Medicaid and the proper use of a SPIA
Using Medicaid compliant annuities in conjunction with a trust to protect all assets, not just excess amounts.
Various options for handling spend down and using annuities to meet the penalty periods
Very complex subject, and calculations will require some 'expert' assistance, but good to know this concept exists!
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