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Annuities in the Age of COVID: How and When to Use them in a Financial Plan
Presented by David Lau, CEO and Founder

Webinar Recap:

Annuity pioneer David Lau provides an excellent review of annuities are increasingly being promoted as a go-to solution to mitigate risk for those close to retirement or in the early stages. That timeframe, 5 years before and 5 years in to retirement, is one academic researchers have identified as crucial to the success of one's retirement plan; i.e. making sure they have enough money to live on!  

David also delivers a great explanation of the various types of annuities available, makes a great distinction between annuitization and riders and offers several examples of how and when they should be used.  

Rating: 86% of the attendees rated the session as EXCELLENT. 

Tom's Tips: Listen closely to the entirety of this replay, including the Q&A at the end.  

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