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Welcome to the Financial Advisors section of the site. As you may know, our focus is using live webinars to educate financial advisors. A key feature of our site is that you, the advisor, can use our Profile feature to indicate which topics are of interest. Based on your Profile, we will send you alerts to inform you when a webinar is planned for a topic that you have noted as of interest to you. 

You can find a list of Upcoming Webinars by clicking here. 

While live webinars are our primary education vehicle, the knowledge imparted by our national experts on the webinars will be repurposed into Guides for your use. See our Resource Center for our Social Security Guide. Other Guides currently in the works include ones that will serve as a helpful resource when educating clients on Medicare choices and Veterans Benefits. These will be the first of what we hope will be a bountiful, helpful series.