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Founded by Tom Dickson in 2009, the Financial Experts Network webinar series was the first of its kind in the financial planning space. Since the first webinar with 529 college plan guru Joe Hurley, Financial Experts webinars have drawn over 130,000 financial professionals and investors to over 300 educational webinars.

Our formula is acutally quite simple. We rely on national experts to educate you on complex financial topics and strategies from Social Security to Tax Planning to Veterans Benefits to Medicare to FAFSA and more. Our expert speakers have included leading academics like Michael Finke and Wade Pfau, thought leaders such as Bob Keebler, Mark Kantrowitz, and Larry Kotlikoff, and financial planner practicioners like Harold Evensky and John Salter.     

Our greatest satisfaction comes from the fact that 90% of the financial advisors who attended a Financial Experts webinar say "I learned something on the webinar that will help me provide better advice to my clients." That is what drives us!