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Presenter: Michael Finke

This webinar features Michael Finke sharing highlights of his recent interview with Nobel laureate, Bill Sharpe. Mr. Sharpe is conducting fascinating research on income annuities, fixed and dynamic withdrawal rates and more. Michael, a distinguished retirement researcher, took numerous questions from financial advisors regarding optimal withdrawal strategies, annuities, QLACs and more. He also provided great ideas on how clients may benefit from a partial annuitization strategy. And Micahel's explanation of mortality credits and their value is excellent! 

Michael also mentioned, several times, how important consumption smoothing is to the success of a client's financial plan. And he was excited to learn that one of the world's top economists, Larry Kotlikoff, will be on our June 13th webianr to discuss how consumption smoothing should be incorporated in financial planning. Click here to register for the webinar with Larry, which will also feature financial planner, Rick Miller, sharing how he had adopted consumption smoothing in his financial planning.   

See the bottom of this page to download the materials that were used for the session. Click here for the Investment Advisor article to read Michael's interview with Bill Sharpe. In the article, you will also find a link to Bill's book, Retirement Income Analysis with Scenario Matrices. And here is a link to a wonderful article from Joe Tomlinson that summarizes the highlights of Bill's book. 




Video of Webinar