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Here are comments from listeners.
• Ask clients about more than just do you have a will, ask about the ancillary documents
• "Dower rights - never heard of that. Only Ohio, Arkansas & Kentucky have them.
• Cautions regarding adding your kid to J&S affidavit."
• Examples to use with clients to explain the documents and what they protect/avoid. Dower rights was new--four states still have it (thanks Google). Distinction between TOD/POD.
• For me, this was mostly a review of material I learned in my estate planning class in my CFP(R) program. However, I was once again reminded of how desperately my husband and I need to execute a will! (I know, shame on us!)
• Good information and speaker was very good, kept it moving at a good pace. She was clear, to the point, didn't over-or-under explain.
• Good reinforcement of fundamentals
• H & W separate states of residency: Co- executors & Co-Trustees could become burdensome
• Hazards of naming one of multiple children as JTWRS on bank accounts.
• I liked the breakdown of Focus Four or Core Four. Makes it easy to bite off for entry client.
• I should get a durable power of attorney in case my parents get incapacitated.
• Laurie is very knowledgeable and thorough in her presentation. She also answered all the many questions with expertise.
• learned about dower rights and how to protect against
• Material/content delivery well organized.
• Most of information reinforced my understanding of the Core 4. The information on titling options to avoid probate was very helpful
• needs for a will even if not needed to probate assests
• one or more webinars on administering an estate after death occurs - under a will or under one or more trusts Death has occurred - Now what?
• Problems of using POD, TOD and Joint survivorship
• Review of "per stirpes" term & use.
• Since I am located near the PA/OH border, I do have a few clients in OH. I learned some of the differences between PA and OH estate law.
• The discussion was valuable as a refresher on terminology and how estate settlement can vary from State to State.
• TOD for real estate and autos
• Trade offs on how assets are titled
• Trying to avoid trouble without these legal documents, including a trust, is ineffective. Transfers/management goes much smoother when death or disability happens if we pay attention to having excellent Estate Planning for our clients.
• Understand avoiding probate better