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Here are ideas that the attendees learned from Frank and Chris:
Clients I currently have who I can identify and introduce the benefits of DSTs via 1031
DST is an alternative to a REIT was new to me.
How a 1031 DST exchange works
How and when to consider helping clients find DST for 1031 exchange; about homezu - which could help some friends.
Hybrid DST, thanks Tom for bringing this up very thankful. Also, good tool if under pressure re finding replacement properties and to combine in conjunction with other replacement properties.
I didn't even know that DST's were a "thing"... so I'm glad I was introduced to them today!
I have a client that has a warehouse he is thinking of selling. I think the DST would be a great option for him.
I need to look into DSTs.
Interesting approaches. Understanding the Series 22 requirement was a plus.
Was looking for basic familiarity on this topic and the session provided sufficient information for me
Wasn't aware of DST's. Now I have a better understanding of them and the advantages/disadvantages.