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Users Comments:

Here are ideas that the attendees learned from Ed:
A great option for clients who may not be comfortable with market volatility, very flexible and different from other annuity products
Better version of the typical VA with GWB rider. Intriguing.
CDAs can be used to wrap Roths & IRAs
Has my attention. Typically, we have not used annuities in our clients' portfolios - mainly due to the high fees/low returns/lack of liquidity/lack of step-up upon death.
I already use RetireOne in my practice but will reach out to my Rep about this new product.
I am excited about the potential for this product to be helpful to a few of my clients.
I have a better understanding of annuities now.
I knew very little about CDA's, so most things presented were new to me
I think the product is an interesting solution to retirement income
I was not familiar with the Contingent Deferred Annuity prior to the Webinar.
Learned about CDA's, learned about "unbundling of insurance element" from underlying investments, & learned more about creating model portfolios with CDA's
Possible new guaranteed income streams
Something new & useful for conservative, fearful clients.
that you can drop the insurance portion X # of years after retirement if market had solid trend upward and sequence returns risk is greatly reduced
The 5% guaranteed income intrigues me.
The concept was new to me and seem to be a good option.
The whole idea was new to me