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Here are comments from listeners:
I have been aware of Reverse Mtgs., but to be honest, somewhat leery. Seems like they have come a long way and I need to learn more. Thank you.
- Kathleen

A new retirement tool to consider.
- Joseph

Can unmarried couples open a RM? Yes if both on title!
- Steve

Early initiation of RM can be a valuable tool for various retirement strategies. Net benefit of RM needs to be considered versus only focusing on cost of RM
- James

How important it is to overcome the bias about Reverse Mortgages
- Lisa

I had never thought of using reverse mortgage to delay taking portfolio distributions. It's a very innovative concept!
- Christian

The Savvy investor will start the Hecm at 62, problems occur coming down the mountain, HECM provides a layer of security and preserves investment earning and or principal maintenance goals...
- Douglas

The simplified concept of when to draw HECM proceeds - when the portfolio value is down relative to the prior year - interesting idea.
- Frank