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Here are comments from listeners:

Adding details to the QDRO as to the valuation date is important. Being specific with details in the divorce paperwork is needed. For example, when a home has to be listed for sale and conditions tied to it.
- Maressa

Annuities not divorce friendly. Courts still consider Equity (vs Equality)
- Nandi

I learned a bit more about mortgage/housing assets and insurance product scenarios.
- Curtis

Keep all bank/brokerage statements from the year you got married. Check to make sure annuities can be divided.
- Maria

Reverse mortgage can be a versatile tool for retirement and divorce planning when clients need cash. Need to be aware of automatic revocation and its implications on beneficiaries of insurance policies.
- Xuejing

RULES on dividing assets was VERY good to know
- Gerard
Another great webinar from Carla and Diane!