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Learned that state retirement programs are available in certain states for small businesses and that a movement is underway in more states. Certainly a benefit that states bring to small businesses. In these times when companies are challenged to hire people, offering a retirement plan can be a difference maker in attracting talent. Thanks for bringing the topic to light
- James

Good to know that it is mandatory for qualifying small businesses to have Auto IRA in California, and not much cost or burden to employers.
- Marian

Helpful information on state run retirement plans and what is on the horizon.
- John

I did not realize NY may not go live this year when the statute requires compliance by end of 2022. The range of fees on the current state plans is very interesting. I can only imagine NY and NJ will be high based on the politics we have seen previously.
- Aaron

I didn't know anything about the types of plans (i.e. IRA(s)) that were being implemented or the rules and restrictions around them. It's good to know and explain to small business clients that these plans are coming their way.
- Scott

Never realized the high number of states that currently have or are in the process of starting state-sponsored retirement programs
- Mark