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Great to have so many options summarized in one place, as the considerations by age and account type, method are so unique to the individual.
- Amy

A better understanding of the Rule of 55, NUA and SEPP (72t Dist)
- Patrick

Did not know the details of SEPP. Thanks for the IRS link! Excellent attention to detail as always. rockstar!
- Gordon

Great overview of points to consider in retirement planning - thanks
- James

Pension distribution ideas were great. Also ideas regarding Company stock in a 401(k)
- Paul

Rolling over a retirement account to take advantage of NUA into a taxable brokerage and reducing the IRA balance to reduce RMDs and taxes was new to me.
- Kiersten - Reinforced the notion of a "financial diet". i am trying to introduce this concept to my millennial clients.
- Cynthia