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Here are comments from listeners:

Bloodline trusts, and that they can be somewhat flexible with a trust protector
- David

Her example of possible issues related to "equal distribution" to each child/beneficiary and the potential issues than can derail the intended benefits were well done and very helpful in becoming aware of the difference between what is intended and what can actually happen.
- Louise

I have two, unmarried children who each have a house, retirement accounts, and cars but without any Trusts or Wills set up. I now understand the need for their legal documents to be established such as Wills, Powers of Attorneys, etc.
- Kevin

I learned the difference between blood line trust and dynasty trust. Thank you
- Swan

I needed a refresher, and this session was great!
- Anne

I'd never heard the term "bloodline trust" before, though the concept is easy to grasp. I intend to pursue whether they are doable in the state of California. Sounds like they ought to be--so why have I never heard the term? Perhaps they're called something else on this coast?
- Maria

Trusts are for everyone!
- Peter