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Here are comments from listeners:
By far, the best logical and useful explanations of coins and blockchain technology in any webinar or seminar that I've attended.
- Rosemary

Blockchain technology has far greater potential than just cryptocurrencies.
- George

I had not looked much into Blockchain, but found the webinar to be a very worthwhile 'introduction'. It appears as Chris said near the end: it can be a 'rabbit hole' of information and data as we continue to research and understand more about it.
- Kevin

Indirect ownership never occurred to me - and we've been buying IBM for our clients for years.
- Warren

Proof of stake pros/cons etc was useful and new. Hybrid and Consortium variations on permissioned/permissionless. Crypto coin market would be 8th largest market cap company if it were a company.
- Miriam

Contrasting Blockchain to the Security industry helped me to be a better understanding of this new industry.
- J