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Here are comments from listeners:

Quite a few good ideas and things that are useful to make clients aware. Saving a buck or two in lieu of professional help - might not make any sense in all but the simplest of trust situations.
- Jerry

Best presenter and webinar thus far in all my attendances to your webinars. Steve was clear in his speech.
- Kyoko

Trustee Liability Insurance is something I didn't know about. Very good to know. Thank you
- Bruce

1) Dunham Trust - will pass along to other advisors in my firm 2) Above and below ground AB trust - haha 3) Don't make kids TTEEs 4) Steve describes things very clearly, seems very knowledgeable
- Kimberly

It's always useful to hear about the differences in community and separate property states and how different state estate and trust laws can be.
- Dennis

Seek out professional trustee help for clients interested in setting up trusts. Discourage them from using family members or children as this can cause many problems & have unintended consequences.
- Ben

Very informed speaker - good choice and time well spent!
- Kevin