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Users Comments:

A few comments from our listeners:
Fascinating investment performance returns research shared by the presenter. Considerations when choosing between ETF and mutual fund investments include expense ratio, active management vs. index tracking, holding period, timing of purchases, asset turnover ratio, and tax treatment.
- Jeff K.

Great session and studies. This has made me rethink my approach to active funds vs. ETF's and index funds. I will do additional research with the idea of improving my clients outcomes.
- Reed A.

I am somewhat of a novice on the investment side so it was helpful to get data about ETFs vs MF so I have supported answers to client questions
- Jenny B.

Wow!! This was a real eye-opener! Thanks very much for the very clear explanations and data provided. I have never really understood ETFs before -- this was extremely helpful.
- Paula C.

The information shared concerning the outcomes of various studies was very beneficial and not something I've heard before.
- Barbara B.

The quality of the check-in questions IS very good, thank you. I love having to think hard about the trickier ones... Also, I am increasingly impressed by the quality of the FEN community. It was very helpful to have someone volunteer that many ETF questions were answered in a webinar held in Dec. 2021. I had missed that one but will now view it on replay. Go, Team, Go!!!
- Maria R.