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A few comments from listeners:
Great webinar, the "trick" about Spousal's having an active FSA plan was something I did not know!
- Austin D.

Very Good information as I have been trying to 'educate' my adult son and a few others, to understand the benefits of HSA's vs the 'use it or lose it' risk of FSA's. Strong concepts for future retirees to build up their FSA balances before turning 65.
- Kevin P.

Didn't know that both spouses could contribute the $1,000 catch-up to each of their HSAs even when one of those HSAs is only the investment account from one of the spouses who had a previous HSA with HDHP that no longer exists due to family coverage now.
- Mike C.

Definitely going to recommend a matching strategy to employers for increasing balances in employee HSA accounts. Excellent presentation.
- Dayne W.

I did not know that the greater than 55 spouse covered under a spouse's health insurance high deductible plan can ALSO make a catch up contribution to their own H S A account. Not sure my tax software will be able to handle this!! I'm excited to tell several of my clients this! THANKS for the tip!!
- Joleen S.

Wish all my older FinPlnng clients were 30 years younger!! HSA's are the bomb. Kevin is phenomenally knowledgeable, quick and savvy on fine points, and a facile presenter. Really great resource that I will be using in future
- James B.

What I thought was going to be a basic over view of HSAs ended up being a superb session.
- Michael L.