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Users Comments:

A few comments from listeners:
Both of these speakers are very knowledgeable and very easy to understand - great idea to having them both on to 'complement' each other in one Webinar!
- Kevin P.

Definitely liked the idea of "seasoning" a child's savings account to make gifting large amounts of money both more tax efficient, as well as easier to implement at the time of the home purchase.
- Glenn S.

Really emphasized to me that I and my clients should be making the annual gifts!
- Andrea

The best way to help a child depends on everyone's individual situation. Choosing to be a co-signer over a co-borrower with a child might be best for the parents as it will not affect their others plans (buying a 2nd home) in the future. Giving annual exclusions each year is also a good way to help the child with housing costs, reduce the parent's taxable estate and not have to file form 709 (if don't exceed exclusion amt).
- Peter R.

Love to listen to Larry and Noah too. Larry makes tax speak sound more like English. Thanks!
- Reg B.