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A few comments from our listeners:

Great info on ALL programs for student loan borrowers. Best advice I heard today is that OLD loans (before 7/1/2010) should be put under a microscope and then consolidated if they are federal, as this will be necessary for forgiveness.
- Kraig M.

Similar to Tom, I have been doing some additional research n this new subject and it was good to hear some clarification, additional explanation, etc.
- Kevin P.

Thanks for bringing Heather to us as an expert on a very relevant and involved topic.
- James M.

You can be under the income limit in either 2020 or 2021 to qualify for forgiveness. You can request a refund if you have paid through the pandemic & it affects the max loan forgiveness.
- Stephen F.

A borrower can request a refund for payments made on their student loan during the Covid suspension period, as long as they didn't fully pay it off during that period.
- Chris H.

Consolidating student loans is worth the modest risk from the impact of repayment relief being "reset" or impacted.
- Kevin K.