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Users Comments:

A few comments from listeners:
Glad you did the topic. I believe HSAs are highly underutilized retirement planning tool so glad to see getting the info to advisors that are unaware.
- Curt S.

Clarified the rules for when clients need to stop contributing to HSAs. Very helpful.
- Art L.

I had not thought about the fact that you can save your receipts for any number of years and reimburse yourself at any point in time for qualified medical expenses. Great tip particularly given the unknowns going into the retirement years!
- Madeline D,

It was news to me that a person younger than 65 with an older spouse already on Medicare with a family HDHP health plan that is HSA eligible can contribute the full family contribution amount of $7,300 and not only the individual amount of $4,650. Kevin is very knowledgeable and gave good examples to clarify more complex scenarios. It will be great if he comes back just for a Q&A session. Thank you!
- Ianka R.

One of the best you have had!!!
- Roger L.

Thanks very much for your consistently high-quality programs!
- Paula C.