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Users Comments:

A few comments from listeners:

Wonderful having Libby move this topic from academic theory to practical experience!
- Ralph W.

Great resources noted and good info that she shared. I know I should address some of these items for myself before I age.
- Lauren D.

I had never heard of a POLST before, but I'm glad Libby mentioned them today. I have two elderly clients who should consider the POLST form.
- Lindsey F.

Great pace for information sharing, not to fast or too much detail to get lost. Her differentiation between HIPAA authorization, Advance care directives, POLST was excellent.
- John R.

Really important items here to talk about with client. Very useful reminder.
- Robert T.

Good information. It's helpful to be reminded of all of the things we need to think about ourselves and to help our clients with.
- Michelle L.