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Users Comments:

Viewed the recording, thx much for the IRMAA education (also for all of the bonus content on tax efficiency, which made me realize I have a lot to learn on that related topic)!

One thing that left me scratching my head a bit: Wouldn't a mid-year (instead of EOY, as assumed in the presentation) retirement in 2022 leave one potentially wanting to submit SSA-44 *three* times (once each for 2022, 2023, and 2024) instead of just twice?

In each of '22, '23, and '24 the retiree worked fewer days than 2 years previously, so it naively seems plausible that his/her AGI in each of those 3 years would be lower than the 2-years-previous AGI, due to the same retirement event.
A few comments from listeners:
SSA-44 was a new concept. Thanks for the info!
- Barbara B.

I did not know that a taxpayer could request a more current tax return be used the year or two after retiring - good approach!
- Kevin P.

I didn't realize that QCD from an IRA would reduce income, good info.
- Donna G.

I learned you could use Form SSA44 to request a reduction of IRMAA tax for a life changing event
- Stephen F.

Never really thought much about IRMAA before, so the basics were already new to me!
- Benjamin K.

Re-solidified how important having diversified tax-treated accounts are so there's the flexibility of what types of money to use.
- Anne B.