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Users Comments:

A few comments from listeners:
Both presenters provide a relevant aspect of planning that is not part of CFP training.
- Dennis R.

I learned more details about how to EVOKE training works and that attendee's are "life planned" to understand how it feels to go through the process.
- Kiersten P.

Reinforced the idea that to see and guide someone to be their most authentic self we need to be life planned ourselves. No role playing.
- Bud H.

It inspired me to really focus on my listening skills. the Mindfulness piece was also very powerful.
- Elizabeth L.

I was one of the earliest Life Planning trainees of George in the mid-‘90s - this training and the direction it enabled me to take my practice has been the most influential factor in my career. I’ve incorporated the principles (and some of the tools) ever since. Kudos for having him on!
- Eric B.