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Users Comments:

A few comments from listeners:
Excellent answers to peoples questions. Made economic sense with complicated data!
- Russell F.

I learned the indicators to watch for regarding the start of a recession. Bill had lots of good information!
- Patricia B.

I like Greiner--thoughtful and loved the slides he shared. Makes it much easier to visit with clients in layman's terms.
- Edward J.

Great presentation! Thank you as it is great to have a true source of good information instead of the hype from main stream news.
- Thomas S.

This is the first time I've heard Mariner--and he's superb. Clear, crisp, comprehensive, incisive. Wastes no words in imparting highly pertinent information. I learned a lot. He now joins my list of must-follow FEN speakers, with Heather Jarvis and Larry Pon... I really like the idea of tracking PCE for the FEN community. I am unlikely to check the Bureau of Economic Analysis regularly myself but would love it if Tom did!
- Maria R.

Really appreciate the high quality resources you bring for us, and this was a great presentation and update on the economy
- Cindi W.

Great presentation. No filler. To the point. Excellent accompanying slides. You ought to presume upon him, if you can, on a regular (quarterly? semi-annual?) basis
- James B.