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A few comments from listeners:
A nice reminder of the importance of our advising on specific topics i.e. Medicare an social security - not just cashflow/budget planning. Thank you for your continued great content!
- Heather C.

Excellent points for women regarding retirement
- Michi M.

I liked the structure that Marjorie put to the Retirement Plan for Single Women. The reference to resource links is a big plus to provide information source to learn more on various topics
- James M.

I love that this was the topic of conversation. I feel like it isn't addressed enough, especially the social aspect of it.
- Rachael S.

The subject is too large to cover it all but the presenters did a great job of highlighting the salient points.
- John O.

This was a great webinar...we all normally think of "couples" in retirement; this addressed the need for single women or gentlemen!
- Rosanne R.

I liked the list of resources that can be recommended to women clients.
- John R.

Awesome webinar. Best one so far. Great to hear from a retired financial advisor.
- William C

Excellent presentation! Thank you!
- Kevin L.