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Users Comments:

Looking for the slides.
A few comments from listeners:
Great topic and nice job by Bob dealing with new SECURE 2.0 in such a timely manner
- James M.

I appreciate the presentation and the speed with which you got it together. I know there's a ton of unknowns still, but the overview was necessary and well presented!
- Scott S.

Lots of new ideas. Roth conversions new opportunities, student loan planning opportunities, RMD age changes
- Angela D.

Reinforces the value of working with a trusted, knowledgeable advisor going forward. Too much for most individuals to keep up with.
- Bob M.

Lots of stuff in this Act! Great summary slides to use to dig in deeper on relevant topics for my client base.
- Larry F.

Bob was great as always. Thanks, Tom, for connecting with Bob for these programs. I look forward to the future ones with Bob.
- Lee C.

Wow, so many miniscule details that may not have been fully anticipated before this was voted into law. Sounds like going to be a real headache for advisors, CPAs, benefits managers, HR folks to understand and implement some of these provisions. Job security for sure!
- Chris H.

Great presentation - I have done a lot a reading on SECURE Act 2.0 and this presentation me more clarity of certain issues which I had questions on.
- Gary W.