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A few comments from listeners:

I hadn't thought about the family reverse mortgage. I don't see it fitting too often, but an interesting idea. Nice subject matter--not a typical thing so it was nice to learn more.
- Jered S.

Have heard of private mortgages before, but had not ever considered the perspective of a reverse mortgage. Also, although aware formal paperwork should be drawn up, didn't realize critical to have it recorded with registry of deeds (I'm in MA) or that it would be wise to take out title insurance. Great webinar. Will keep in my back pocket in case we have any clients considering assisting children. And, since in MA, see that John and Tim's offices are not too far from our main office.
- Meg C.

I liked the discussion questions that were posed in the slides, particularly about defining family values and the complications that can come with doing so. Great Session!
- Blaine W.

I just had a client last week ask how he could arrange to help his children buy a house. This was perfect timing.
- Dee H.