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A few comments from listeners:
Wow, what a minefield. Fantastic insight - coverage has to be personalized for clients. I have a few clients who are early 60's and this is definitely a topic of conversation.
- Kelly N.

Complicated topic so good to have Webinar as a basic reference and good to know about book and other resources. Thanks
- James M.

"I learned that the landscape is as fluid and confusing as ever. There is not any one best size fits all in the selection of plans.

It is very helpful to have the current information about what is going on in the Medicare marketplace."
- Mark S.

I LOVED the "paper bag" idea! I can't even begin to explain how much of a relief clients would feel if they found out that there's a better way to select Medicare coverage than going through all those marketing materials.
- Lindsey F.

Was brushing up on what I already know, was not aware there were a few states that allowed switching between Medicare Advantage and Medigap without underwriting. All good info, thank you!
- Vicki W.

Both were great and Diane in particular was just so impressive in the Q&A session - wow...what knowledge on this topic and fielding the various questions!
- Will R.