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Users Comments:

A few comments from listeners:
"Didn't know that trusts can be set up in different states even if a client doesn't reside in said state.

Also nice to know where to find an online database to find reputable estate planning attorneys."
- Lansen P.

I am familiar with Trusts and Estate Planning but Mr. McNee was able to share some interesting and important information about establishing Trusts in different states.
- Elizabeth L.

I learned about the two ING trusts of Delaware and South Dakota to lower estate taxes in high tax states. I need to look into a DAPT - had not heard of this trust before.
- Aaron S.

I have worked with some of these Asset Protection Trusts recently and this talk really helped me with more info, contacts to estate attorneys etc. It is a complex idea within a complex field so very useful to obtain relevant info. Thanks
- Robert T.

I did not know that you could establish a trust in any state you want. It seems too good to be true that you can avoid taxes in your state of residence by establishing a trust in another state. Will have to look into this further.
- Christopher H.