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Users Comments:

A few comments from listeners:
As usual great info from Wade. Interested to learn how to blend the various "rules" to devise planning spending strategies.
- Bob S.

Excellent overview of Wade studies and research. One of the more useful webinars for retirement planning strategies for selecting a sensible planning heuristic that is simple to explain and use in practice other than the 4% rule.
- Paul H.

I learned there are numerous methods of handling withdrawals in retirement. I will go over the slides again to let it absorb and perhaps purchase Wade's book.
- Reed A.

I really enjoyed Wade explaining all the various withdrawal strategies such as the Ratcheting Rule.
- Deborah F.

I was interested to hear about the Longevity Illustrator and all 7 different withdrawal strategies. I never miss a chance to listen to Wade
- Roger A.

My head is still spinning, was like drinking from a hose, so much information, will have to spend some time when dealing with actual plans.
- Marian J.

The best comparison of the current thinking on w/d strategies that I have seen!
- Marjorie D.

Wade addresses, in my opinion, the core for financial planning. Spending is the item that people have the most control over and it typically the root of problems when people run out of money, which unfortunately happens.
- John D.