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Users Comments:

A few comments from listeners:

I hadn't known that RIAs could get their AUM fee paid directly by the custodian. I am not the targeted end user for this webinar, as I am a fee-only planner who does not manage money. Still, I am grateful for the insights into how the RIA world works. I have gotten nowhere in casual conversations with colleagues who work for RIAs at FPA conferences and the like--people just don't want to talk about fees & billing I was also delighted to learn in Q &A about other billing services (AdvicePay, suited to solo operators like me.
- Maria R.

Detailed information I was not aware of some of the minutiae.
- Gordon S.

While this seminar did not pertain to my practice, still helpful to know the compliance regs for an RIA. Once again very helpful information.
- C. Edward D.