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A few comments from listeners:
It's interesting how much due diligence and analysis must go into evaluating investment real estate - very similar to individual securities analysis, which most planners avoid, preferring to index with ETFs or funds. Planners need to put on a analyst hat if they advise on real estate.
- Kelli N.

I now have a source of information for clients with real estate investments
- Avi C.

It's interesting how the ease of understanding real estate relative to other asset classes can influence client decision making around investment real estate.
- Alec H.

My new ideas are all around how to approach discussing these topics with clients as a large portion invest directly in real estate and I am wanting to learn more to have an educated conversation regarding the topic.
- Nathanael A.

The NOI model and factors to consider -- there were a number I had not thought of. And, the emphasis on the emotional aspects to clients of owning real estate. Good examples
- Karen F.

Will utilize model to evaluate cash flow and cap rates for clients with rental properties to assist in evaluating profitability of asset.
- James M.

Treat real estate investments as an income producing part of the portfolio and not something to sell.
- Alexis B.