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A few comments from listeners:
Though not a new idea or concept, I was reminded to 'tread lightly' and get your ducks in a row when dealing with former (or soon to be former) Plan participants.
- David C.

Didn't know about personal liability and allowance of class action lawsuits. Good to know about ability to provide Education vs. Advice, and how "Advice" is so broadly defined in Erisa law.
- Marian J.

Good to know there is software that will provide compliance with 2020-02 in addition to the presentation and slides which were very educational. Not sure I will try to get business this way but want to know my options as I win new plan business at the plan level. Glad I attended this webinar, thanks Tom.
- Reed A.

I have listened to many speakers on this topic . . This was the best! I appreciate the info and will be following up.
- Donna J.

Fantastic presentation - presenter was uncommonly knowledgeable.
- James H.