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Users Comments:

A few comments from listeners:

Liked his summary of great candidates and not best candidates for S Corp. Larry is always excellent, able to summarize current law efficiently and succinctly, advantages, disadvantages and issues.
- Marian J.

Quite a bit of the info presented in this webinar are beyond the basics, so I'm glad to have attended the session.
- Sophit L.

I learned the Cons of the S Corp! Also the taxation precautions if you're going from C Corp to S Corp. Lawyers have stated that their preferred route to S Corp is through an LLC first. Todays speaker was fantastic, a very lively personality and kept my attention through all this deep tax information.
- Austin D.

Mr. Pon was excellent; nice mix of basic information (which I never knew) and technical without being too technical. He has a very nice demeanor and efficient way of moving through dense topics. Would love to see him present again.
- Holly D.