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A few comments from listeners:

I learned that the complications of holding a federal student loan are many and scary. I advise only students, and their parents, who are applying to college. This awakened me to the complications that go well beyond college.
- Joseph O.

This process of reinstating loan payments is going to be a mess - planners have an opportunity to prepare and advise clients AND earn immense goodwill during this difficult time.
- Kelly N.

Frankly, this one was over my head, as I expected it would be. Useful to be reminded again just how crazy it is to navigate this ever-changing process, something I already knew from Heather Jarvis webinars. Reaffirmed my belief that I would need to outsource the repayment piece of the puzzle to Heather or Fred!
- Maria R.

Understanding why tax planning is so integral to student debt repayment. Also how important it is to log into (may need your FSAID # which most people forgot after child graduates!)
- Nancy B.