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A few comments from listeners:
Was not aware of the deadline to treat an IRA as your own. I had learned of Denise many years ago and was excited when I saw that she was going to be doing this presentation. Great job and great material on a very complex topic.
- Roger A.

Hadn't ever considered leaving monies in decedent's IRA and moving at a later time - something to explore.
- Meg C.

I had not thought about the option to roll over a Bene IRA prior to this webinar. This presenter was outstanding. She did talk fast, but she reminded us that we can listen to the replay in slower speed.
- Bruce Z.

Lots of nuances of planning for non-spouse benes were clarified. Denise is awesome. I think she would do a good job talking about company sponsored retirement plans.
- Mark W.

The final chart is golden! What a great summary of all the different options that we need to consider and which are appropriate when. Wow! Just wow! Her depth of knowledge about the subject and particularly what pitfalls there are and how to avoid them is priceless.
- Ginita W.

The recommendations regarding employer plans were helpful. Also when a spouse can use the inherited IRA and then switch to their own IRA. The speaker moved really quickly; I'm glad there is a replay. This is such a complex area.
- Nola K.