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Users Comments:

A few comments from listeners:

I much better understand how the employees get paid when they leave the company. Best explanation of how these work in my 9 years of CFP!
- Jean W.

It was great learning more about ESOPs and that they would be appropriate for many companies after they reach the 10+ employee $1M revenue mark.
- Paul M.

The presenter had very effective and easy-to-follow notes, which helped considerably.
- Lawrence F.

Amazingly clear and thorough presentation given time available to the presenter.
- Richard E.

Another head spinning seminar- I rarely see ESOP's anymore but still useful to have some knowledge of how they work- Excellent idea to choose this topic!
- Edward D.

I do have a better understanding of functionality of ESOP's for those rare moments I deal with a business that would benefit from that transaction and also to redirect client interest if they do not fit the profile.
- Rick F.