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A few comments from listeners:

I now have a great sense of the time it takes from start to finish to complete an ADU, in addition to the financial commitment. Fantastic presentation.
- Kelly N.

Very good information about a topic that I was not aware of! Thanks!
- Barbara B.

Thank you for addressing the fear of being a landlord. In Oakland, Berkeley and San Francisco, the risk is very high regarding tenants. During the pandemic, landlords could not evict tenants in Oakland who had not paid and landlords still can't get blood out of a turnip. Then there is the issue of rent control. Scarry.
- Paul K.

Interesting concept for larger lots in cities. I'm in the suburbs and don't personally have the space to add anything except perhaps a basement conversion.
- Paul M.

I learned the costs involved and timeframe. Need for this type of housing and possibilities for income. Very knowledgeable!
- Louise S.