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Users Comments:

A few comments from listeners:
Fascinated by the variety issues, how important it is to review/updates docs following important life events, QTIP and Dynasty trust uses, the impact of international estate law on US estates
- Stephanie J.

I am now aware of the language that should be included in Estate Planning documents to cover unborn children, as well as other unanticipated unwanted outcomes. It was such an interesting webinar, hearing the situations and estate planning problems of these high profile individuals. The speaker was also very knowledgeable about the type of language that could have been included in the Trusts and Wills that could have prevented these unwanted outcomes.
- Monica B.

"I plan on preparing a check list of the issues discussed and use them to discuss with clients to show how.

Things can go wrong if they don't spend the time on a regular basis to discuss estate planning with their tax advisors."
- Carrol B.

The idea of a Dynasty Trust owning all or part of an LLC. Totally new idea to me. The Tangible Personal Property Trust was new to me as well. I don't have one of those and nor was it suggested by our attorney.
- Diane E.

Held my attention because it was very interesting and fun stories!
- Judy C.

The speaker was excellent. Not only an entertaining topic, the speaker did a great job of sharing cases with different takeaways.
- Kevin J.

This is one of the best presentations I've seen on estate planning. His material superbly illustrated the various lessons everyone can learn from. And he was a solid speaker and I suspect an outstanding lawyer.
- Michael L.