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Users Comments:

When listeners were asked what they learned during this webinar, they commented:
W2 box 12 codes. Had no clue about all the various codes. Utilized this info today for a plan I was working on.
- Curtis I.

"$50,000 Charitable gift annuity - income for life

Make Roth conversion to generate taxable income, so you can use the full amount of non-refundable tax credits"
- Cynthia L.

IRS8606 form needs to be filed when you make non-deductible contribution to IRAs.
- Peng H.

Learned a ton! have never walked through a 1040 in that detail
- Noel C.

Mega-back-door Roth - use refund to make the IRA or HSA contribution - the only lawsuits that are tax deductible are personal physical injury. the EV tax credit isn't refundable and cant be carried forward.
- Ann Marie F.

"once in a lifetime rollover from IRA to HSA

ability for daughter who is no longer covered by health plan is able to contribute to HSA at family level - ""super HSA"""
- Nancy B.

The cap gains range and the roll back of the standard deduction in the future
- John M.