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Users Comments:

A few comments from listeners when they were asked what the learned from the webinar:

I appreciated the breakdown of how various states consider domicile - and knowing that multiple ways of showing your preferred state (tax-wise) helps make the stronger case. The information about how cell phone logs can play a roll blew my mind!
- Jay B.

I didn't know anything about Residency for state income tax purposes and don't have any clients that this applies. But, now can add this to my mental list of issues that may raise red flags.
- Marian J.

Understanding the rules of the Two Tests, Domicile and Statutory Resident . If traveling long-term, and have not sold home the state will claim residency. Under the time test, make the time difference between the two states as large as possible ( residency much greater than non-residency). Make sure you change your veterinarian to the new preferred resident state - as this is an audit watch item .
- Jacqueline B.

Joe was great! I learned about the difference regarding Domicile & Residency / The convenience Employer Rule is good to know about as well- Retirement Special protection section also beneficial.
- Heather C.